Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager

Import AEM Templates directly into Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform (CMP) & enable your marketing team to streamline content creation.

About Adobe Experience Manager

Leverage your investment in Adobe AEM without compromising your agility

The Adobe AEM suite of tools is a significant investment for your company and your teams! Not everyone can be an expert overnight and not every expert can make themselves available to every team for all the creative needs of your organization. Wouldn't it be nice if there were ways to deliver the power of the AEM templates to the right people when they need it? You shouldn't have to compromise your agility to get maximum results from your investments!

Introducing Optimizely's CMP integration with Adobe AEM CMS suite! Users in Optimizely can access an integrated Adobe AEM template, update the copy, images, and other editable areas of the template without ever leaving the CMP, and without ever actually logging into AEM. It's the fastest way to get your templates from the design and approval stages to live content while letting your marketing teams stay inside their comfort zone, focused on what they do best. Less 'work about work' and more results!

Why Marketers ūüíú Optimizely's CMP Adobe AEM Integration

As a marketer, we know that you care most about the message of your content, the targeted audience that your message impacts, and the business value that results from your content. It's our mission to help marketers focus on what they do best and in our mission to do this, our integration to Adobe AEM CMS allows marketers to focus on what they care about most ‚ÄĒ the message. Leaving the power and complexity of the Adobe tool to the Adobe experts who create and design your company templates.

The result is a seamless collaboration between these teams leveraging the value of the CMP to orchestrate the business of marketing while harnessing the best of breed content management brought by Adobe.

Adobe Experience Manager features

How does it work?

  • Marketers select AEM templates during the content creation process

  • Marketers then edit the copy, images, and other areas of the template which are available for editing and select the content to be approved in Optimizely CMP workflows

  • The final approved content is forwarded to AEM for draft or production publishing

  • Standard content objects are supported (Fragments and custom content objects are also supported with additional services)


  • Seamless content creation process for marketers in a native, intuitive, WYSIWYG style interface.

  • Minimize (or eliiminate) overhead costs for expensive Adobe licenses - and give content creators a more efficient publishing experience.

  • Many content use cases supported ‚ÄĒ including blogs, landing pages, product pages, and more!

  • Centralize and align the content approval cycle within the context of campaign planning and management.

Adobe Experience Manager pricing

This integration is available for early access in the Summer of 2021!

Please contact our team for more information on availability, pricing, and to schedule a demo to see this integration in action! If you are interested in participating in our Adobe Beta program, please let your Optimizely representative know and we would be pleased to provide you with additional details!

Adobe Experience Manager screenshots

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