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Why Marketers 💜 Welcome's Wordpress Integration

Welcome's Wordpress integration allows marketers to build everything they need in their standard posts, from custom data, to tagging, and more. Once designed, your posts can be published with the click of a button your posts, moved to draft, or sync'd with your Wordpress sites — while adhering to your site template.

WordPress features

Features - How does it work?

  • Article content is built in Welcome's fully-native HTML Editor and pass through your workflow steps for review and approval

  • Additional page elements that should be sent with the page on publish can be assigned via labels or user defined fields

  • Apply Wordpress tags, categories and author information directly within Welcome before publishing


  • Streamlined build process that allows marketers to post across websites in realtime whilst respecting the website layouts 

  • Options to preview, post as draft, move to draft and allow comments

  • Automatic alert for when updates made in Welcome should be sync'd to Wordpress

  • Pre-generation of published URL for offline url promotion planning

  • Automatic retrieval of published URL for further social promotion

  • Full analytics suite for measuring and filtering visits, engagement rate, scroll depth and more with advanced taxonomy filters 

WordPress pricing

How do I get it?

Welcome is pleased to offer this integration directly through the platform at no cost. Our Professional Services team will assist you in getting started during your onboarding engagement. For more information, instructions are included on our Knowledge Base for existing clients.

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