CMS/Social Feeds

CMS/Social Feeds

Publish to CMS, Social or other types of systems using a flexible JSON feed.

About CMS/Social Feeds

Connecting to other systems shouldn't be hard! If you have a custom website or other system which is not natively supported by an integration with Welcome, you can always use our JSON feed to connect your system.

Why Marketers 💜 Welcome's Feed integrations

Using Welcome's Feed-based integration is very easy for marketers. Simply setup a named publishing destination such as 'Public Website' and then marketers can send any approved content directly to this destination.

CMS/Social Feeds features

Features - How Does it Work?

Don't see your system listed in our integration catalog? Are you working with a homegrown custom social or CMS publishing system? No problem! Welcome can connect to any system which can ingest a structured JSON feed. Simply create the feed as a publishing destination channel in Welcome and we'll give you a URL that you can make available to your system.

CMS/Social Feeds pricing

This integration is available for free with the platform. Get Connected today or review our [Knowledgebase article] ( for more information.

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