Synchronize assets between Welcome & Bynder and maintain a single-source-of-truth across your enterprise DAM.

Bynder features

Features - How does it work?

  • Assets completed through the Welcome Workflows are 'pushed' to Bynder with all metadata

  • Users can select Bynder assets by selecting from Bynder folders in their Welcome global search

  • Metadata is mapped to Bynder metaproperties and tags

  • Bynder tags are used to create Bynder experiences

  • Assets are updated and deleted through Welcome workflows and all updates are reflected real-time in Bynder

  • Support for auto-creation of Bynder metaproperties

  • Support for mirroring of Bynder folder organization in Welcome

  • Support for Bynder updates to existing assets reflected in the Welcome asset Library


  • Enterprise teams have instant access to the latest docs, images, videos in their curated Bynder filters

  • Marketers have seamless access to make the right assets available to other teams at the right time

  • Marketing and the rest of the organization share a unified taxonomy — creating harmony in messaging and maximizing downstream asset utilization

  • Overall efficiency, collaboration, and faster time to delivery of marketing products and customer collateral

Bynder pricing

How do I get it?

Welcome is pleased to offer this integration through our integration technology partner,

Please contact us for more information on how we can get you connected.

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