Send your digital assets to Veeva for approval and collaborate with your Legal team without ever leaving Welcome!

About Veeva

Getting approval for your marketing collateral shouldn't be hard! Trying to execute the approval cycle for legal compliance across a complex organizational structure can create some unique challenges. For companies that use the Veeva product suite, this is especially true! The Veeva suite of tools provides customers with a powerful, albeit complex, set of tools to help legal teams track, approve, and audit multiple streams of digital assets coming through an organization. However, when it comes to marketing and marketing automation, Veeva is not the tool of choice. Welcome's approach to orchestration of Marketing processes can make the approval cycle with Veeva seamless!

Why Marketers ūüíú Welcome's Veeva Integration

Welcome's integration with Veeva allows marketers to collaborate with their counterparts (in Veeva) in real-time by sharing documents, metadata, and comments.

When work is ready for Veeva approval, Welcome's integration automatically triggers an approval request in Veeva. The two systems remain synchronized, sharing comments, messages, and status updates as work progresses until approval is finally reached ‚ÄĒ giving marketers in Welcome real-time updates without ever having to leave their Welcome workspace. In addition, Marketers and Veeva teams can collaborate directly through sharing comments and annotated documents.

As a result, marketers are able to collaborate more effectively with other cross-functional teams, and accelerate the approval of work that their marketing campaigns depend on. Getting approved digital content out the door to the sales teams and to customers almost as quickly as it is prepared!

Veeva features

Features - How Does it Work?

  1. Delegate to an external workflow

With this integration, you can now assign a workflow approval step to Veeva teams using from Welcome. Simply designate a step in the workflow as a Veeva approval step and the integration takes over for duration of the approval cycle. That Veeva workflow is notified about the new request for approval and will be able to locate any digital content sent for approval in the Veeva Vault queue. Additionally, any metadata associated to the task (ex. Department, Audience, Print formats, etc.) is forwarded to Veeva so that the Veeva user knows specifically how to address the approval.

  1. Automatically update Welcome with status changes

Next, while the work begins in Veeva, the Welcome user can monitor the progress through notifications and updates in the workflow step. The current status is always reflected in Welcome along with any instructions, requests for clarifications, errors, and final approvals are reflected in the workflow step and distributed to the Welcome users via standard email notification preferences. You will no longer have to update a spreadsheet or pull up a Veeva report, nor will you have to login to Veeva to verify the final asset's approval status - you'll get up-to-the-minute status updates in your workflow steps, enabling you to focus on your campaign, and less on "work about work".

  1. Collaborate and share with your peers in Veeva
  • Version and version history of content created and hosted on Welcome can be shared with Veeva users

  • Exchange comments on Veeva requests within Welcome and vice versa

  • Prevent bottlenecks and delays by tightly coupling the review and approval workflows between Veeva and Welcome


Manage your campaigns and tasks entirely within Welcome, with all the information you need for other teams already in Welcome, the integration 'pushes' all the necessary details for Veeva approvals automatically saving your Marketing teams valuable time.

Delegate tasks to external teams when you're ready. Whenever you need to collaborate with Veeva teams, you can now continue to manage your campaign within Welcome, delegate tasks to them, and allow them to to work on their tasks directly within Veeva. Everyone gets to use their tool of choice to get to their most important tasks

Stay informed and up to date on work being handled by external teams, so you can plan and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly based on the Veeva approval process. Keep tabs on the status of approvals without ever leaving Welcome.

Review team members' comments and progress. There is now no need for you to access Veeva to view comments or attachments on a task. This will be seamlessly updated in Welcome. You will be able to manage your entire workflow within Welcome, regardless of who is working on it and where they are doing it.

Veeva pricing

Welcome is pleased to be able to offer this integration with expertise from our own Professional Services team. Please use the 'Contact Us' button to get your Welcome instance connected today!

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