Integrate Showpad with Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform (CMP) and seamlessly push all your brand assets and marketing collateral to Sales... with just the click of a button.

About Showpad

Getting content into the hands of your sellers shouldn't be hard!

Getting content into the hands of your sellers is a mission critical task and we know you rely on tools like Showpad to help get the job done. Sometimes, adding another tool to your Martech stack can create productivity losses instead of gains. From manual file uploads, to keeping your taxonomy in sync with your seller experiences, you may find your Showpad implementation is only as effective as the number of integrations you have completed.

Why Marketers ūüíú Optimizely's CMP and Showpad

At Optimizely, we believe that not all integrations are created equal! Our integration with Showpad aligns directly with the source of the latest content creation, approval, and distribution processes in Marketing. We have automated the process that allows you to instantly share Sales assets with Showpad as they are approved for distribution. As they are shared with Showpad, they are instantly aligned to your global taxonomy with Showpad so that, as you complete the marketing cycle, your Showpad experiences are seamlessly updated with the push of a single button!

Showpad features


  • Assets completed in the CMP are easily 'pushed' to Showpad (with all metadata)

  • Metadata is mapped to Showpad tags

  • Showpad tags are used to create Showpad experiences

  • Changes made to assets in the CMP (e.g. or deletion of assets) are reflected real-time in Showpad

  • Support for multiple Showpad libraries

  • Support for auto-creation of Showpad 'External Tags'

  • Support for Un-Publish / Retract from Showpad


  • Sales Teams have instant access to the latest docs, images, videos in their curated Showpad experiences

  • Marketers have seamless access to make the right assets available to Sales teams at the right time

  • Unified taxonomy between Sales and Marketing creates harmony between messaging and sales delivery

  • Overall efficiency, collaboration, and faster time to delivery of new sales products and customer collateral

Showpad pricing

One time fee: $5,000

Annual fee: $5,000

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