Marketo Omnichannel

Marketo Omnichannel

connect your omnichannel content types to Marketo to author, preview and send your content from the CMP

About Marketo Omnichannel

Integrate Marketo with Optimizelys CMP's omnichannel experience to effortlessly author and preview your marketo emails within CMP.

Why Marketers ūüíú Optimizely's Omnichannel Marketo Integration

Marketo Publishing

The Marketo Omnichannel integration allows you to keep control of your branding and layouts whilst increasing the number of users with access to create content without requiring access to your Marketo system.

Marketo Omnichannel features

Omnichannel Publishing Features - How does it work?

  • Create your omnichannel content types to reflect your emails and newsletters within Marketo
  • Create a master program and email for each email type within Marketo that will be used as a template and add tokens to where data should be passed from CMP
  • Create a mappings file in the integration settings in order to handle data between the platforms
  • Full, in-product previews prior to posting

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