Effortlessly measure and fuel your Marketo campaigns with Optimizely's CMP through automated integration with Marketo Snippets, and track the impact of web content on lead conversion.

About Marketo

Create content within the Welcome platform to fuel your Marketo campaigns via automated integration as Marketo Snippets.

Integrate Marketo with Optimizely’s CMP to effortlessly measure the impact of web content on leads and their conversion on your website.

Why Marketers ūüíú Optimizely's CMP Marketo Integration

Marketo Publishing

The Marketo Publishing integration allows you to keep control of your branding and layouts whilst increasing the number of users with access to create content without requiring access to your Marketo system. By Deploying Marketo's and the CMP's tracking scripts with the Marketo ROI Analytics integration, you can also see the reach of your content and how it engages and creates Leads.

Marketo ROI Analytics

The Marketo ROI Analytics integration provides native, embedded ROI analytics allowing teams to measure the impact of web content on new and existing leads who convert on the customer's website. The integration uses Marketo Contacts and Salesforce Opportunities data to calculate performance metrics.

Marketo features

Publishing Features - How does it work?

  • Optional auto-population of Marketo snippet from website posts when created within the same task
  • Automated layouts bound to your existing Marketo template layouts
  • Full, in-product previews prior to posting
  • Apply custom UTM tracking to your links

ROI Analytics Features - How does it work?

  • Calculates Leads Generated and Leads Reached
  • Pipeline Generated, Pipeline Influenced, and Revenue Influenced calculated when paired with Salesforce integration
  • Displays metrics in the Optimizely CMP Analytics module
  • View daily, weekly, or monthly totals
  • View ROI metrics for a specific piece of content


  • Automatically create Marketo Snippets from content you build for your website or create from scratch

  • Add Marketo content building to your production and approval workflows for quicker deployment

  • Plan and execute your Marketo content using a visual calendar

  • Easily track the performance of your Marketo campaigns and website content with comprehensive ROI analytics

  • Gain insights into leads generated, pipeline generated, pipeline influenced, revenue influenced, and more when paired with Salesforce integration

  • Visualize and analyze your ROI metrics for a specific piece of content or over a specific time period in the Optimizely CMP Analytics module.

Marketo pricing

Marketo Publishing

One time fee: $5,000

Marketo ROI Analytics

One time fee: $5,000

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