Plan, create, schedule and post media messages directly to your Instagram owner for final publishing.

About Instagram

Prepare your Instagram posts in Optimizely's Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

Linking your social strategy with your content planning and production processes can cut your administration time in half.  

Why Marketers 💜  Optimizely's CMP Instagram Integration

Creating social posts that are automatically populated with your website post content to forward to your instagram owner allows them to post directly to instagram.

Instagram features

Features - How does it work?

  • Plan and prepare your instagram posts in Optimizely that will be emailed to you or your instagram owner for final publication

  • Optional auto-population of social posts from website posts when created within the same task

  • Visualize your post prior to publishing using full, native, in-product previews

  • Schedule when your post should be emailed to your instagram owner for final distribution


  • Automatically create social posts from content you build for your website

  • Add social posting to your production and approval workflows for quicker deployment

  • Plan and execute your social posts using a visual calendar

Instagram pricing

How do I get it?

Optimizely is pleased to offer this integration directly through the platform at no cost. Instructions are included on our [Knowledge Base] ( for existing clients.

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