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About ChatGPT AI

Use your own subscription of ChatGPT within Optimizely CMP!

Streamline the content creation process further by connecting your ChatGPT account to Opal.

Why Marketers ūüíú Optimizely's CMP ChatGPT Integration

CMP's ChatGPT integration allows you to connect your ChatGPT account to Opal and power responses directly from ChatGPT. Each time users access Optimizely's AI Assistant (Opal), prompts will be handed to ChatGPT to generate and return responses directly to Opal, within the CMP.

ChatGPT AI features

Features - How does it work?

  • Copilot (chat) Using Opal in the main navigation panel to chat with ChatGPT
  • Text Generation Generate short and long form articles and headlines
  • Text Correction Use ChatGPT to refine text, making text selections shorter, longer, changing the tone etc

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